Top 10 Beaches You Must Visit

Lots of folks who think of beaches across the globe envision locations like southeast Asia, the Maldives, the Caribbean, Fiji, and Hawaii. With their gorgeous shores, it is hard to blame them. But few folks think of European shores you must see during the summertime.

Navagio Beach — Zakynthos Island

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Top 10 Beaches You Must Visit

During the summertime, the waters of the Mediterranean are so inviting as they are emerge. Don’t count out the beaches of northern Europe, which often provides a beauty that is harsher. All these will be the top 10 European shores you must see during the summertime.

Praia de Marinha — Portugal, Algarve Region

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One of Zakynthos Island’s hidden temples is Navagio Beach. Bounded by breathtaking white temples, this beach is shielded by the majority of winds, leaving the water calm and calm.

Elafonisi Beach — Crete, Greece

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The tranquil waters of the beach make it one of the European shores you must see during the summertime. The only way is from Porto Vromi, which leaves every hour through a water taxi. It is worth the trip!

Ölüdeniz Beach (a.k.a..

The Blue Lagoon) — Turkey

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With unique rock structures, its golden sands, turquoise waters, and tranquil, it is no wonder. Shielded by limestone hills, this beach in Portugal’s Algarve region is paradise.

Fårö Island — Sweden

During the summertime you must see as one of the greatest European shores, Praia de Marinha is often packed with tourists throughout the year months. See at the season for the experience. Because of the climate, beach weather can extend well into November and even December!

Cala Macarella — Menorca, Spain

Top 10 Beaches You Must Visit

Beachgoers looking for a haven with amenities and a private feel ought to test Elafonisi Beach on Crete out. Its location away from the cities of Crete which makes it one of the European shores you need to see during the summertime.

Zlatni Rat Beach — Croatia

Top 10 Beaches You Must Visit

This beach’s clear waters also make it perfect for children and waders. Have a look at the beauty from wildflowers that are nearby and the stone formations. In addition, don’t forget to marvel in its pink-tinged shoreline, which makes for beach photographs!

Cape Greco — Cyprus, Greece

Not only is Turkey’s Ölüdeniz Beach one of the European shores you must see during the summertime, it is also one of the nation’s most gorgeous places. Also known as the Blue Lagoon, the region includes , protected forests that are magnificent and a gorgeous bay.

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach — Vik, Iceland

Top 10 Beaches You Must Visit

Ölüdeniz Beach is popular, so crowds are to be expected in the summertime. It is a prime location for paragliding, scuba diving, and snorkeling. To acquire views in the atmosphere, head around Babada? Mountain, where the majority of the businesses that are paragliding are based.

Cala Goloritze — Sardinia, Italy

Sweden is a land of unique landscapes, and one of its one-of-a-kind wonders are the shores in Fårö Island. Along with sandy shorelines, guests will find something different: otherworldly rock formations and spooky limestone beaches.

Top 10 Beaches You Must Visit


The island can be reached by ferry in Gotland Island. It is an unbelievable beach you must see during the summertime, while Fårö Island might not many people’s first idea of a vacation place.

The island of Menorca is the more low-key and younger sibling to the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza. It is home to some gem which appears to be one of the European shores you must see during the summer: Cala Macarella.

This beach is simple to go to. It can be achieved either by a two-mile hike from Cala Galdana or a driveway followed by a hike. But after get your first glance of its turquoise waters, then you will realize that the journey is worth it!

Croatia is currently home to some of Europe’s most magnificent beaches, and possibly the most famous is Zlatni Rat on Bra’s island? . This beach is known for its unique shape, which varies depending on sea currents!

Zlatni Rat’s white sands stretch for a mile on either side of its point. It is a popular site for paddle boarding, and windsurfing, kitesurfing, boating, jet-skiing. Between its attractiveness and actions, it is easily one!

Travelers looking for a beach that provides options should stop by Cape Greco on the Greek island of Cyprus. The beach is famous for cliffs that were bountiful and its crystal-clear seas, which house lots of sea castles.

Cape Greco’s caves are seen at low tide, at which individuals can research deep as 80 meters. There are also places where the water is deep enough to do some cliff! This wonder that is Greek is certainly one of the European shores you must see during the summertime.

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The other spectacular, although unconventional, beach choice is Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach at Vik, Iceland. This beach is famous for its jet-black, volcanic plantations as well as its towers of basalt columns.

Top 10 Beaches You Must Visit

This magnificent beach gives off the air of a landscape. The seas around it are much too rough for swimming, but the beach is nonetheless home to sea critters. Puffins nest through the hottest months amongst the columnar basalt, which makes Reynisfjara one of the European shores you must see during the summertime!

Top 10 Beaches You Must Visit

No listing of the shores you must see during the summer would be complete without a notable destination that is Italian. One of the nation’s greatest is with shimmering seas on the island of 23, a white sand beach, Cala Goloritzé.

Situated at the bottom of a pond, a landslide at 1962 made the beach. Its location means it accessible via some 2-hour hike across the coast or chartered ship. It is so breathtaking that it was known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

Whether you’re touring across further north or the Mediterranean, there are extraordinary beaches to visit in summer. The options are endless and range to wind-swept shorelines and everything in-between. Check them out to see their magic on your own!

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