Celebrity Travel Addicts: Christina Vidal of All Jetset Christina

We Talk with Christina Vidal of All Jetset Christina, a California native with a passion for All luxurious in the world of travel!

We chat with her about what sparked her enthusiasm for investigating the Earth, her travel tips, a special thing she crossed off her extensive bucket listing, plus a lot more. Have a look at her favourite destinations where she is headed next and discover!

How did your passion for travel get started?

I am eternally grateful that I grew up in a family who loved travel and actually encouraged me to observe the planet from day one. On Semester at Sea — a program with 500 school students, I studied abroad in school where we chose classes and traveled around the world. It was amazing — and really where I started my first blog! From that experience on, I was hooked.

How are you currently travel in any given year? What are the kinds?

I travel 100% of the time. That kind of go-go-go lifestyle is not sustainable I understand. But right now it’s a lot of fun to cease. And I am really enjoying making all kinds of areas around the planet”home” for a couple of weeks or even longer at a time! I try to see the areas that I go to a local , and as a tourist. I believe by spending more time at the places that I travel, I get to understand them better and it will help make the content easier than the average surface-level travel manual.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Christina Vidal of All Jetset Christina

You had been born and raised in California. Why is California such a fantastic travel destination?

I spend the most time of this year in Bali, when I am not travel which I consider a home base, and that I make it back into California a little too.

You’re one of the most trusted names in the world of luxury travel. For people who do not understand, what is luxury travel and what kind of work would you do?

California has it all!!! The snow, the beach, biking, hiking, golf, wine tasting, towns that are foodie, Highway One Big Sur, Yosemite, Napa Valley, oh my gosh I really can go on FOREVER! California is the best place on earth.

What do you want viewers to get and learn from your work?

I believe luxury travel is all about experiencing the very best in journey. Luxury travel is party travel. It is the honeymoons, the babymoons, the wedding trips, the anniversaries, the intimate getaways. It is an excuse to celebrate. Luxury travel is the sort of journey you work hard for. What I do is create attaining that vacation simpler. My task will be to make organizing your trips a breeze so that you are able to trust that your hard-earned vacation will be worth every cent.

What are the top three destinations you’ve visited?

I want everyone to be able to travel longer, and much better, and I really like helping them do this. I want people to have the best trips every single trip they choose with Jetset Christina’s recommendations, of their own lives. Nothing makes me happier than the DM I get with pictures from followers’ trips, telling me just how they went to a certain resort or even on a certain tour for me and just how much they loved it.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Christina Vidal of All Jetset Christina

Give us a’Top 5′ list for a few of your best 3 destinations. Like a mini-guide or a to-do list of sorts. It can be anything from your favourite resort, best place to have lunch, best holiday, etc..

The Maldives

You have an bucket list onto your site, which you cross items off of as you reach them. Of all the items you’ve crossed off this list, why and which one was the very special or memorable?

Bali, Indonesia

How many nations have you visited so far?

Amalfi Coast, Italy

What are your top 3 favourite perfumes?

I love it! Here’s my Top 5 Bali Guide:

What’s your favourite restaurant on the planet? What dish would you advocate?

That’s such a tricky question. EVERY travel memory is meaningful to me personally. I would likely have to express staying in an overwater bungalow. I believe everyone dreams of this trip — and it’s every bit as amazing as it’s cracked up to be. My first time in one has been a special excursion — because it was. It was a place she had wanted to move, but never could find reason enough for such a trip-of-a-lifetime. However, when”life” becomes a good deal shorter, journey becomes a whole lot more significant. When she got good information from your doctor, we had the best trip ever, also booked this trip to French Polynesia.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Christina Vidal of All Jetset Christina

What’s your travel movie?

61 and counting!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Christina Vidal of All Jetset Christina

What’s your international airport?

Mexican, Japanese, and Greek

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Christina Vidal of All Jetset Christina

Which city has the most friendly people?

Mama’s Fish House in Maui, Hawaii is now my favourite restaurant on the planet. Any of the new fish is.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Christina Vidal of All Jetset Christina

Who is your travel companion?

Now it’s Crazy Rich Asians — I believe after seeing that movie?! who DOESNT want a visit to Singapore

What’s the perfect method to kill time?

I love Some layover Having an American Express Centurion Lounge.

Their lounges have the best food, endless drinks, as well as spas with complimentary massages! I had a layover at Bogota, Colombia and loved this airport.

What’s the most exotic place your livelihood has taken you?

Charleston, South Carolina — which Southern Hospitality is impossible to beat.

What’s your best piece of travel suggestions for someone who wants to, or is about to, embark on a life of travel?

My fiancé, Kenny!  

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Christina Vidal of All Jetset Christina

The identical exact manner travels — we love decent wine, good food, and wonderful beaches. We possibly can spend all afternoon in the sun, and all night chatting on cocktails. We have so much fun travel.

What are 3 things that you may never travel without?

I always have little jobs I plan ahead on doing at the airport, like catching up on email replies, DM’s, etc.. So I have no downtime on travel days. On the plane, I writing blog articles, editing pictures or sleeping and watching movies.

What’s your ultimate dream destination?

The Maldives — that they feel like a whole other planet. And are easily the most amazing place I’ve ever been.

What’s your travel quote?

My best advice is if you’re going to be traveling a great deal, whether it’s for work or for pleasure, (or for the two!) , it’s so very important to still have a sense of’home’ even if you’re on the street. It’s easy to become exhausted when you’re living from a suitcase, so I’ll try to plan for longer trips in a few of the places that I love, so that I can really take a breath and catch up in my work, regular, and life. Occasionally”work-cations” are equally as crucial as holidays!

Where are you headed?

My camera, my Butt and Also My reusable straw (this is the Only One I use)


So many areas are in my list. I am dying to do Zanzibar & an African safari. I am also dying to get to Argentina & wine tasting at Mendoza.

“You can always earn more income. You can never earn more time.”

I’m off to Bordeaux, France with a French wine brand in Venture!

I am excited to research wine country, and then head to Cannes Film Festival!

Christina Vidal @JetsetChristina is your travel blogger and Instagrammer behind the award-winning luxury travel blog Jetset Christina. She’s been to 61 states and counting and her swoon-worthy Instagram @jetsetchristina (ranked #1 Luxury Travel Instagram to Practice by Travel & Leisure) is all about showcasing the planet’s most exotic and luxury destinations.

Connect on all of her platforms to learn more about her, her adventures, as well as the awesome world of luxury travel!