5 Day Trips You Have To Take from Canakkale, Turkey

The Turkish seaport of Canakkale, that hugs the coast near the narrowest point in the Asian side of the Dardanelles strait, is situated in a place that’s full of culture and history that date back at least five millennia, which provides travelers lots of options for day trips from Canakkale.

Gallipoli Peninsula (World War I Battlegrounds)

During its 6,000-year history, the area has seen the rise and collapse of once-prominent early powerhouses, wars so epic that stories about them still fascinate and capture the joys of history and mythology buffs alike, along with modern-day nautical battles that became defining moments from one of the greatest wars the world has ever witnessed.

Alexandria Troas

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They can nevertheless be explored in websites that are just a brief car ride from town Though these magnificent events happened long ago. These will be the 5 day trips from Canakkale which you have to take if you wish to dip in the history of the storied and fascinating area.


Besides this 15th-century Kilitbahir Fortress, The Gallipoli Peninsula in the west of the Dardanelles is the home of numerous monuments dedicated to all those who served at the pivotal World War I battles that happened in the area.

Ancient Troy

One of these monuments is the Canakkale Martyrs’ Memorial, which was built between 1958 and 1954 to honor the support of soldiers that took part. Beneath the Memorial is a museum dedicated to the battle as well as the north would be a war goddess in which 600 Turkish soldiers are buried.

5 Day Trips You Have To Take from Canakkale, Turkey

The Helles Memorial (a.k.a. the British Museum ), commemorates the titles of the British soldiers that lost their lives during the Battle of Gallipoli about the base of this monument, which is shaped like an obelisk.

The peninsula’s Anzac Cove Ceremonial Area honors members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who Employed the cove as their base during the Battle of Gallipoli, along with the Lone Pine Cemetery and Memorial is dedicated to the Allies who fought at the Battle of Lone Pine.

The Chunuk Bair Memorial commemorates.

Minutes southwest from Canakkale are the magnificent ruins of Alexandria Troas, a Greek city on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Founded in 306 B.C. as Sigeia and renamed Alexandria Troas at 301 B.C. to honor Alexander the Great, the city was later commanded by the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Ottomans.

5 Day Trips You Have To Take from Canakkale, Turkey

Among the ruins of the site are a theater, stadion, odeon, gymnasium complex, along with tub. The two Caesar Augustus and also St. Paul famously visited town; Augustus allegedly considered moving the backing of the Roman Empire there, along with St. Paul’s three visits leaves the now-ruined city a significant Christian landmark.

Alexandria Troas is free to get into, so make the driveway to see for yourself why it’s among the greatest day trips from Canakkale!

5 Day Trips You Have To Take from Canakkale, Turkey

Another pair of ruins, roughly a 90-minute drive southwest from Canakkale, is the port city of Assos. The city, which was set between 900 and 1000 B.C., was the home of a school of philosophy started by the famed Greek philosopher Aristotle, who returned to Macedonia after the Persians invaded and killed his friend, King Hermias.

Assos’ acropolis (that comprises the remains of the Temple of Athena), the medieval city, the ancient theater, a well-preserved city wall and principal terrace, an agora and gymnasium in the second century B.C., and a bouleuterion, are all notable points of attention.

Head down for a delicious dinner of fresh seafood into the Assos Behram Hotel and Restaurant. It is to die for!

Turkey at the northern Aegean is Bozcaada’s 15-square-mile island known as Tenedos. The island was cited at the epic poems The Odyssey, The Iliad, along with The Aeneid, in which it is said the Greeks concealed their fleet on Tenedos to deceive the Trojans into thinking the war between the two was around, which directed them to bring the Trojan Horse inside the city walls.

Here, you will find Bozcaada Castle, a fortress that’s believed to have been built by the Byzantines. The beaches around the island’s southern coast is a favorite spot to swim and catch some sun, while the city is a great spot to view Turkish and Greek architecture whilst catching a bite to eat over the cobblestone streets.

Stop by one of the island’s finest restaurants, Eski Kahve for several incredible stuffed grape leaves, stuffed ravioli, and grape juice. On a wine-tasting tour of this island’s many wineries, go for the alcoholic selection!

5 Day Trips You Have To Take from Canakkale, Turkey

Situated in the archaeological site known as Hisarlik is arguably the city of Troy, the nation’s most famous website. The ruins, which were called a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998, include the remains of at least two unique cities that built along with one another.

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Now, the walls of this iteration of Troy still stand. The sixth city of Troy was the most rewarding of this nine and is the one that has been immortalized in the epic poems The Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Aeneid, that interweave Greek mythology with stories of the Trojan War, including the iconic story of the coming of the Trojan Horse in the gates of Troy as well as the events that followed.

Anyone visiting Canakkale should take the time to see this fascinating destroy where myth and reality meet. This site is a must as much as day trips from Canakkale are concerned.

Since the Canakkale area’s past makes up a lot of its present day individuality, it is essential that visitors see these fascinating locations for themselves whenever they’re seeking to have a enjoyable and enlightening experience that will take them on an exhilarating ride that can take them straight back into the region’s historical origins and forward in time to its modern grandeur. These five day trips from Canakkale just can not be missed.