Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sydne Summer of Sydne Style

In the current Celebrity Travel Addicts¬†Q&A we interview my pal and fellow Miamian, Sydne Summer of Sydne Style. As she moved to high school I’ve known Sydne for all of my entire own life when she moved to California, and we all remained in contact. Inspired by her experience as a fashion editor and actress correspondent, her blog was established by Sydne and has since become a resource for simple travel style. Meet Sydne,¬†check where in the world she has led to next, and also out her List for Paris!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sydne Summer of Sydne Style


How did your passion for traveling begin?

How many days/weeks are you currently traveling in any given year? Which are the sorts of places?

What is it that you need viewers to gain/ learn from your work videos and photography?

Name your top 3 destinations you have traveled?

How many nations have you visited up to now?

Your top three favourite restaurants?

Favorite restaurant in the world?

Your favourite traveling picture?

Favourite global airport?

City using the most friendly people?

City with the most style?

Your favorite?

When traveling, best method you kill time?

What’s the most exotic place you have been taken by your career?

Your piece?

What are 4 things that you could never travel without?

What’s your dream destination?

Your favourite traveling quotation?

Where to next?